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Lets cover a car in LEDs & GSPF 2016

A friend asked me a while back…

“what would it take to cover an entire car in these LED pixels?”

He even went so far as to give me a die cast model of a Ford Mustang GT to play with


So I did

Now this is just a prototype for a large scale version. Covering a life sized car with LED pixels would be an epic effort I would love to undertake, but it would require some hefty funding. Not to mention someone donating a car to me… The car above used WS2812b pixels. I had a bunch of them lying around from another prototype that I had dismantled. No sense in binning these pixels if they can be reused.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is happening again!!! This year, I have decided to enter. Not with a car covered in LEDs, however. But with the new WOW Suit! Id love to put it on a mannequin and have it displayed inside a shop window. I have some ideas for new animation sequences that would cater well for a shop front

White Night 2016 – The Wow Suit

White Night 2016 in Melbourne may not have been as huge as in previous years, but I sure had a blast. I walked around the Melbourne CBD and surrounds for about 7 hours and got my photo taken by A LOT of people! Everyone I ran into seemed to enjoy themselves and really liked the Wow Suit. Here are a few pics from the evening

I had a friend shoot some really good video of the suit, but until I get my hands on it, here is some from my Instagram:

Notice how the Official White Night Instagram account tells me to apply for an art grant next year, even though they sent me a Generic “NO THANKYOU” when I applied for this years event.

One more:

The Wow Suit @whitenightmelb !! #whitenightmelb2016 #whitenight #whitenightmelbourne #whitenightmelb

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Something new, something BIG!

Work has begun on a marvelous LED Installation for the Maitreya Festival. The project, titled “Space Theatre” will comprise of a huge “planet vs black hole ” diorama !


Some goodies for the installation above! We are using over 2000 APA102 Pixels, driven by a Raspberry Pi A+. This installation will be built on the backbones of the same tech used int the Wow Suit.


Here they are fully built and tested! Now onto building the LED layout map…

MOFO 2016 – Electric Light Yoga & Faux Mo

This year, I was chosen to work with a talented costume designer Sabrina Evans, to create 10 LED covered suits for MOFO 2016 the summer arts festival held by MONA in Hobart Tasmania. The results were amazing


One of the suits was used in an awesome arty yoga session, also held at MONA, called Electric Light Yoga. Above is one the shots. Here is the suit from behind…


Noodles of cabling! The rest of the suits were used by actors at the Faux Mo nightclub event on Saturday. They roamed around the huge art filled space, created by Jamin Kluss for MOFO. The make shift nightclub was built inside 12 Murray Street, Hobart. The ex government building is to be demolished shortly and was well utilized.


But nothing is without complications. The box containing the battery modules for all the suits was shipped down to Hobart using Fastaway couriers(don’t use them). They advised a 3 day shipping schedule, its been 6 days and the box hasn’t arrived yet. I had to repurchase all the battery modules in Hobart at an exorbitant price


Here they are charging the night before the main event, at our Airbnb that we rented in Battery Point, Hobart(no pun intended).

Check out my Instagram for some short Videos of all the Shenanigans

The GSPF Robot Party was awesome

We had a blast at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival Robot party last night. Thanks a bunch to everyone who came and all the people who made an effort with costumes. The Wow Suit did very well, no glitches, worked for 4 hours solid and the batteries did not die! Was very hot and sweaty however…

Here are 2 pics from the GSPF Photogs, great thanks to Nicky Pastore (more coming soon I’m Told):

Thanks to Dethrae Textiles for sharing these 2:

dethrae loves robots! At #gspf closing party #thefutureisnow #future #robots #electronic #wearableart #fashion #rave #party #fun

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Yay for the #future #dethraetextiles #party #fun #robots #led #arduino #robotsdancing #picoftheday

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Here are some pics Mon took during the night:

And here is a little video of the night, the DJ was awesome, really cool robot tunes:

The Wow Suit – I’m Wearing it and it’s working!

Some photos and a video from my very first wearing:

IMG_1723 IMG_1724
IMG_1725 IMG_1728

After some trouble with the power system, I worked out the issue(by shitty hand made solder-less connections). I have also dimmed the global power of the suit in order to not freak people out, too much :) All up I will be able to run the suit using 6 x 10Ah Modules. Here is a video of me wearing the suit, all be it at home, and the suit working properly. No glitches!

For all interested, I will be attending the Robot Party, which is part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, on Saturday the 18th of July at The Catfish, 30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Will have the Wow Suit powered up and ready to excite!(for the record, am in no way connected to the festival)

FYI, one of the artists connected to the GSPF made a great video of the opening night and I’M IN IT, so is Al, Yossi and Nierty…Watch the whole cool video or skip to 2m:16s for me, Al, Yossi and Nierty.