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New tiny parts

In the never ending quest to find a Voltage level shifter, to drive addressable LEDs, I found myself looking at these http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn74lvc2t45.pdf . These ICs can do 3.3V to 5V translation for 2 pins at a whooping 420Mbit and they cost $80c (USD) . So I ordered 5 from TI….


Yep… that’s damn small. Not sure how I’m going to use those… I have no Surface Mount skills or equipment..Should have read the damn data sheet properly. Anyway, I’m glad there are 5, I will try my damn best to solder those pins to some larger pins and if i break any ill have a few extra to play with. If they work, ill be able to eliminate the Driver Pixel that i use in most of my application, most importantly ill be able to properly test higher data rates for the APA102 and the SK9822 pixel.

Next on the list are these $4 single cell Power Banks:


These use a single 18650 to produce 5V at a maximum of 1A… With one more nice feature. They don’t have a power button. They activate simply when a load is detected. I’m using this as a test bed, and in a very non recommended way, I’m sure. I have the Output ports of all 4 into 1 Female USB port and was successfully able to power one of my latest creations:


Lots of hexagons

I have been hard at work on this new piece, for which i have not yet come up with a name..

It is constructed with 20 Hexagonal pieces. Each laser cut out of clear perspex. Behind each is a grid of APA102 LEDs all controlled by an ESP8266

Something new, something BIG!

Work has begun on a marvelous LED Installation for the Maitreya Festival. The project, titled “Space Theatre” will comprise of a huge “planet vs black hole ” diorama !


Some goodies for the installation above! We are using over 2000 APA102 Pixels, driven by a Raspberry Pi A+. This installation will be built on the backbones of the same tech used int the Wow Suit.


Here they are fully built and tested! Now onto building the LED layout map…

The GSPF Robot Party was awesome

We had a blast at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival Robot party last night. Thanks a bunch to everyone who came and all the people who made an effort with costumes. The Wow Suit did very well, no glitches, worked for 4 hours solid and the batteries did not die! Was very hot and sweaty however…

Here are 2 pics from the GSPF Photogs, great thanks to Nicky Pastore (more coming soon I’m Told):

Thanks to Dethrae Textiles for sharing these 2:

dethrae loves robots! At #gspf closing party #thefutureisnow #future #robots #electronic #wearableart #fashion #rave #party #fun

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Yay for the #future #dethraetextiles #party #fun #robots #led #arduino #robotsdancing #picoftheday

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Here are some pics Mon took during the night:

And here is a little video of the night, the DJ was awesome, really cool robot tunes: