The Wow Suit
A completely portable and wearable suit covered in 1920 Full Colour LEDs. The suit is programmed to run amazing visualisations that make you go WOW. An interactive design is also available, controlled from any device with wifi and a web browser
Electric Lights Suits for MOFO 2016

10 LED Suits were commissioned by MONA for the 2016 Mona Foma Arts festival, with the help of talented costume designer Sabrina Evans  and amazing artist Jamin Kluss. Specifically all the suits were used by roaming performers at the Faux Mo Nightclub events. You can see them in the video above. 1 of the suits was used in a special 3 days session of Electric Light Yoga” performed by Sally Kluss.

 LED Hat – The Cephlacap

558 LEDs, an Arduino Mega and a kick ass hat!
Disco Pads

Disco shoulder pads
The Orbiton

A spherical orb that will sit a top a tall staff for the a friends Burning Seed get up
 Laser Wrist

This is a concept piece…. It’s hilarious
 LED Helmet
490 LEDs encrust this head piece, a glow with amazing Colors. A Tron inspired piece
 Full Face LED Mask V1
We wowed the crowd at the 2015 Dark Mofo Festival with some guerrilla art!
 Full Face LED Mask V2
Version 2 is going to 2015 Burning Man
 Half Face LED Mask
Designed for a modern Masquerade ball
 LED Glove
A Prototype piece designed to be small, wearable and light. Using an Arduino Nano to control the animations