Chroma Drop

IN DEVELOPMENT: Currently seeking funding/sponsorship
Description of the planned work
An interactive, full colour, LED based Installation in the shape of a giant water droplet.
Sketches/visuals if possible

Mock up of the installation in a field

The droplet can hang like a chandelier using a pyramid support structure. It can also simply be hung from a tree or similar support structure

The Droplet is made up of circular segments of wood/plastic with the outside coated in LED pixels pointing outwards, towards the viewer. Each segment is 10mm wide to facilite the placement of LED Strip. There is a spacing of 20mm between each segment to give the installation depth

All up the droplet is approximately 87cm Tall using 2mm spacing between each segment. 166cm Tall with 3cm spacing or 145cm tall with 4cm spacing. With this prototype design, its about 65cm wide at its widest point.

How patrons will interact with the work

The droplet will have a small control panel set next to it that will host several range detection sensors. Participants will be able to interact with the animation by changing the distance of their hands to the control panel.

Budget total/budget breakdown
Details Cost
One density will be chosen depending on cost and appearance
LEDs using 144 Pixel Per Meter Density (4654 pixels) $1,100.00
LEDs using 96 Pixel Per Meter Density (3100 pixels) $800.00
LEDs using 60 Pixel Per Meter Density (1944 pixels) $600.00
29 x Segments cut from Perspex $1,500.00
Support Frame TBA
Main controller, Power system, Cabling, Interactive control panel, enclosures and sundry components etc… $800.00
Total with 144 ppm $3,400.00
PREFERRED – Total with 96 ppm $3,100.00
Total with 60 ppm $2,900.00
Transport + Other Requirements
To be worked out depending on location, some extra funds are usually required for a rental vehicle or shipping charges (if need be)
Past Works
Power Requirements
1 x 240V (300W max) power socket
Space Requirements
Setup/Pack Down Time