Sputnik Kilo Pixel

Currently seeking funding/sponsorship
Description of the planned work
An interactive LED Installation inspired by the first artificial earth satellite Sputnik 1. The installation is constructed of 2 x 30cm (diameter) clear hemispheres bound together to form a sphere. This sits on top a steel 4 leg structure at chest height so that it can be reached by hands. The inside is lined with a dense grid of full colour LED pixels controlled by a small micro-computer. The LEDs are pixel mapped to give the illusion of a spherical screen. Realtime dynamic and programmatic animations will be rendered on the sphere based on user interaction with 4 sensors placed around the rim of the sphere. When no one is near by, the animations run on a dynamic que. Some of the main animation sequences will mimic the pulses broadcast to earth by the original Sputnik 1, here is an example
Sketches/visuals if possible
The main animation and structural system is based on my work with smaller installations like the LED Sphere. Some examples of the underlying tech …
The Sphere will be constructed of thick clear plastic hemispheres and physically connected to the stand with bolts.
This is a prototype of the LED Tech:
A rough Sketch of the idea (Please click on each pic for larger view)
How patrons will interact with the work
The installation will have 4 sensors located around the sphere. The sensors will be marked so patrons can identify and interact with them. These will be used as control data for the animations that play on the sphere. For example, one of more patrons may place their hands at multiple distances to the sensors to interact with and control the animations on the sphere.
Here is a proof of concept example of the Sensing technology that will be used. In this example, the distance of the object from the sensor is represented by a different colour in the spectrum. Moving the object near to far changes the colour:
Budget total/budget breakdown
LEDs, Power supply, Micro Computer, cabling, sundry parts, programming, construction and testing  $3,000.00
Manufacture of steel structure to hold the installation $400.00
Total $3,400.00
Past Works
Power Requirements
1 x 240V (300W max) power socket
Space Requirements
1m  Square area for the installation to sit
Setup/Pack Down Time
2 hours to set up
2 hours to pack down.