The Wow Suit – I’m Wearing it and it’s working!

Some photos and a video from my very first wearing:

IMG_1723 IMG_1724
IMG_1725 IMG_1728

After some trouble with the power system, I worked out the issue(by shitty hand made solder-less connections). I have also dimmed the global power of the suit in order to not freak people out, too much :) All up I will be able to run the suit using 6 x 10Ah Modules. Here is a video of me wearing the suit, all be it at home, and the suit working properly. No glitches!

For all interested, I will be attending the Robot Party, which is part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, on Saturday the 18th of July at The Catfish, 30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Will have the Wow Suit powered up and ready to excite!(for the record, am in no way connected to the festival)

FYI, one of the artists connected to the GSPF made a great video of the opening night and I’M IN IT, so is Al, Yossi and Nierty…Watch the whole cool video or skip to 2m:16s for me, Al, Yossi and Nierty.