First power on of the Wow Suit

No pictures as it was a disaster at 1st. There was not enough power being distributed via the power rails that daisy chain along each module. Only about 1/4 of the suit worked, whilst the rest flickered wildly. I ended up soldering in 3 additional power taps into the daisy chain at different spots and that got the suit up and running. I will most likely need to solder in a power tap into each of the 12 modules. Even after reducing the maximum power level to 50 (out of 255) i noticed that when the suit was white, drawing the most current, it began to flicker a little. This was a dead indicator of low power. I may need more than 4 power banks…maybe a whole backpack

I received 4 new 10Ah Battery Modules today from this eBay store. Pretty damn cheap, $110 aud for 4 packs.