Wow Suit build update

The plan is to have the suit ready for public display on July 18th for the Robot Party that is part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Here is a build update:

Power System
I have ordered 4 new battery modules for the suit. They should arrive this week. Wiring for the power system has been completed and will need to be laid out on the suit material and stuck on. Ill start work on the power module carriers this week but this is the last piece of the puzzle to go in.

Memory Instability in Intels MRAA SPI Implementation
I have heard back from Intel, and have been given an updated mraa library build. Its a huge improvement but its not 100% there. They think the problem may be with Nodes engine on the Galileo. As suggested, I will be trying some manual garbage collection in my software.

Intel Galileo replacement
I have ordered an Intel Edison board just in case this memory problem is unsolvable. I am actually hoping on using the Edison instead of the Galileo in the future as its smaller, cheaper, faster, has built in WiFi and uses 5V.

The 10 meters I originally ordered were not enough, so i got another 10 meters.Arrived today, and if I work really hard should be able to have all the modules build by the end of this week.