VibraGlove V3 – no more serial port


Thanks to the Intel Galileo board, I can remove the wired part of the system. No more serial port, no more special buffering functions, a huge load off the implementation.

Whats different

The Galileo board now sits on the same network as the client pc. It runs an simple web server at port 80. It reads requests from an incoming client connection. The client PC, connected to the Leap Motion, continuously polls the Galileo board by sending a GET request with the calculated PWM values. The Galileo board received the request, parses out the PWM values and send that data to the assigned PWM pins that control the feedback to each finger.

I also put in a lot of special feedback functions. Instead of simple strength values, i can now code it to accept specif patters of vibration.

There is no More Serial driver, so the NodeJS app i wrote that accepts GET requests and translates them into serial data is no more.