VibraGlove – April project update

The fundamental system behind the VibraGlove is now complete.

  • You can interact with onscreen virtual objects using your hand and the leap motion controller
  • You get haptic feedback from the virtual objects via the glove

Now I’m onto some ideas for driving this system, some better names for a product and maybe a kickstarter campaign. All of this depends on me making a relatively good product however.

1 thought on “VibraGlove – April project update

  1. Paolo

    Nice to hear about your project. In 2008 during a master in VR at the aerospace center where I led the VR Lab we did something very very similar. Cell phone vibrating motors (for one hand, #6 motors – 5 fingers + palm), a USB 16-channel digital to analog converter driving motors in voltage amplitide, etherner cable with a RJ45 on the back of the palm attached to a commercial digital glove (5DT – 5 sensors). The lucky thing with the 5DT glove is a “double pocket” around the finger pocket (on the back) wich could have been designed on purpose for guesting the button-like motors (10mm fingers, 12mm palm back). Don’t have details with me yet if you want them just drop me an email (products used…).
    It worked nicely for first-contact sensation when grasping of touching in immersive VR simulations.
    For sure you know that the professional espensive version was done by CyberGlove (CyberTouch?), and sould be already there as a product. If you do a product just concern of the patents they would have possibly registered.
    Good luck.

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