VibraGlove – tweaking and testing

Dsc_0256I have sewn each vibration module into each finger and made sure the wiring was also sewn in to prevent any loose tracking data from the Leap Motion device.

Dsc_0257They look nice and neat, however the did not track properly, so the simplest solution was to put another glove over the top:


This works as expected. My current tests have the hand approach the Z axis and vibrate in a linear fashion the closer you get to Z=0. Works pretty well, however there are still issues with the finger identification. I have begun testing virtual buttons, but am having issues.

The main problem I’m facing is the correct identification of each finger. This seems to haunt me throughout this project. I’m not sure if the Leap Motion device was meant for this purpose…or if I’m doing it wrong. I will have to investigate adding angular data to each finger and hope that together with X offsets i can correctly identify a THUMB from a PINKY!



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