Experimenting with cheap Power Banks

I recently tried this product:


its an SBEC you can get details here 

I wanted to get 5V with high current out of simple 10-20Ah power banks like these

For this test I have 4 power banks. Each one has 5 x 18650 LION batteries in parallel, I opened up each one and soldered a cable onto the GND and +V Rails that run to the batteries:20160515_142749

I then sealed them back up and added JST plugs onto each battery. Thi sway they can be removed and recharged individually using their own charging cables:


I then Connected 2 modules in series and connected 2 of these in parallel via a switch to the SBEC:


For the moment i have not had anything taking out more than 6A from the SBEC. Ill perform more tests as I test more LEDs at the same time!