Wow Suit Gen 3 – Production Update

This was a busy weekend! I managed to complete all the panels for the 3rd Generation Wow Suit and have everything wired up ready to go. Software and LED Map is also done…


My 1st run time attempt ran into several issues

  • Each panel has at least 1 extra power conduit as well as the main daisy chain connection from the previous panel. What this means is that when power is applied, its applied to all panels at once. This causes the pixels to power up randomly and drain a TON of power at once. I currently have the suit plugged into several high output 5v supplies plugged into mains. They cut out as soon as you apply power. This is going to be a massive problem come portability… I’m thinking of setting up switches to each panel and slowly apply power to each panel as i power the suit on…but this is annoying.
  • About half the suit is not getting enough power….Although this is just a thought. The left part of the suit begins to stutter as if its under-powered. I currently have 6 x 2A @ 5v and even running at super low power is faulting.. I have 2 things i may try. One is to reduce the SPI frequency, i remember this issue with the Galileo and the other Pi. I’m running SPO at 10MHz now, I’ll reduce it down and see if that helps. The other is to push more power. I have a couple of PC power supplies that can push out 14A @ 5v. That has got to be enough!

Hopefully reducing the SPI frequency will fix these issues. If so, this presents another problem. The refresh rate of the suit is going to be slow.. Gen 2 was already approaching a limit and this one has over 2200 Pixels, which is a 9600Byte frame..