Flickering WS2812B Strips via NodeMCU


I was given this idea by a mate of mine a while ago. Instead of using Voltage Level Shifters, which are all shit and never work as intended, one can use a single LED pixels to push up voltage levels. Both the WS2812 and APA102 Pixels allow for this. You then code out Pixel 0 from in your software and make sure its never activated.wpid-20151016_190117-1.jpg

The basic idea is that the Data Output Line is always pushed up to a steady signal of whatever voltage level you feed into the Pixels + line. I was having a problem with my NodeMCU in that it sometimes and at no regular interval, would send a degraded signal down the line. I thought it may have something to do with an uneven voltage. So I hooked it up like so:


I have stopped using WS2812B pixels in my major projects as they have major reliability issues when you have more than 400 pixels, and a noisy electrical environment or a shitty power supply…

Another Nifty Gadget i recently received from Rob of Bearocratic is his lovely little power meter:


You connect one end to your power source and the other to your power drain. And it tells you how much power its sucking in real time and over a particular amount of time! Brilliant. Above is my most recent Disco Hat LED Helmet: