LED Mask – V4

I started work on a new version of the LED mask. I recently found a less creepy plastic face mask, and decided to work my magic on it:

First thing to do is to map out the LED arrangements. This is key to how each strip is connected and how the software drives the LEDs. You can see the strip placement markers and the direction of data below.

 wpid-20150919_142458-1.jpg  This is the new mask I found.

It has a kinder, more neutral appearance…

Next I cut up the LED strips and prep them each for placement on the mask. I usually mark out the required length of connector wires on the mask and cut them up, prep them with solder and markers

 wpid-20150919_144719-1.jpg  This is general layout of the mask in 2 dimensions

Finally I connect each strip together in the order assigned in step 1, and the stick the strips to the mask:

wpid-20150920_170734-1.jpg Tada!

And here is a test animation of the new mask in action:

This version uses the NodeMCU V1 module. Great little piece of hardware!