Parts for a new project

Thank you Ikea and K-Mart! I was heading to Ikea and decided to walk into K-Mart, into the toy department to see if they had any toys that have a microphone and a speaker. I came across this wonderful little piece for $7:

wpid-20150827_150744-1.jpg wpid-20150827_151302-1.jpg

It is tiny, but more importantly, without all the plastic crap its even tinier AND it runs on 4.5v. Its absolutely perfect as an audio input device for an Arduino! Hook up the headphone directly into one of the Analog in pins and “bobs your uncle”!

Now for Ikea:

wpid-20150827_150233-1.jpg wpid-20150827_150328-1.jpg

Talk about perfect! $8.99 each. This is definitely going to Burning Seed. I’m going to coat the inside with LEDs and maybe hook 2 up together. They would make an awesome floor show.