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Burning Seed 2015

I didn’t think this through

I learnt some very insightful things last weekend, whilst attending Burning Seed 2015. This was my very 1st “burn” ever!

Above is an awesome still shot of me wearing the Wow Suit and the V4 LED Mask Hot glue is not the best thing to use when making complicated electronics used in the Australian outback! Who would have thought ? Whilst none of my creations suffered at all, it was the very 1st thought that ran through my head as i opened my car at 5pm after a 30 sunny day. I met some very interesting people, one awesome gent told me about E6000 which is a solvent glue that solidifies hard permanently. I will be trilling this for my future wearable projects

The best way to test your power usage is to run it in a real world scenario. The wow suit lasts for exactly 6 hours on 4 x 10ah packs. The 5th power pack, which i use to power the RPiA+, was 70% full after the 2nd night of use. I managed to to swap over the 4 LED power packs at about midnight with the help of my bestest friends.

People LOVE to hug at festivals. Why didn’t i think about this one? about every 3rd person who came up to to check out the suit wanted to hug me. “I want a light hug” …. “bright hug me”….”oh my god woooow…can I please hug you”. This is totally awesome, and an absolutely acceptable way to go WOW in my books! No one was denied a hug…well almost no one, there was that one really smelly naked hippy! The suit stood up to the challenge and didn’t break.

Dancing with Jord in the #wowsuit at #burningseed #burningmanaustralia #burningseed2015 #apa102 #raspberrypi A video posted by Elec Dash Tron Dot Org (@wow_elec_tron) on

Test your code over and over! Whilst standing in front of a small crowd of people, suddenly my whole right side went dark….i immediately freaked out…and then 5 seconds later immediately got a wave of relief when I realised I coded the frame to buffer incorrectly whilst shifting pixels! I then stopped looking down at myself in fear of seeing this dreaded bug every 10 minutes.

If you plan to wear almost 2000 very bright animated LEDs on your body, PLAN your evening accordingly. I found myself unable to enter any small covered areas in fear of freaking out the crowd around me. I also stood helpless as hundreds of very munted people drooled over the animations! This i didn’t mind so much, i just wasn’t prepared for it.

Deep Sea LED Creatures


With thanks to Aerie from Kamp Kraken, who put together the creatures bodies, i was able to make these awesome looking bases:


No, get your mind out of the gutter :) its not what you think:

The will be decorated and hug on a big hoop. I really hope everyone at Burning Seed likes these!

Look at these Pods!!

I added a capacitor inside each pod to help with the power issues I was having! Look at these Glorious colors! They are not very neatly set up at present, as I’m still testing out the basic driver system.

Power Modules for Burning Seed have arrived


15 x 10Ah @ 5V Battery Modules

All the Battery modules have arrived and all work! Yei!!! I have planned to run the Wow Suit for 3 nights. The suit requires 4 x Modules for the LEDs and 1 module for the Controller. I have recently migrated all my code and control software to a Raspberry Pi Model A+. Im sing the “mraa” NodeJS module to drive the suit via SPI. The A+ only requires 5V!!! Another YEI!

Parts for a new project

Thank you Ikea and K-Mart! I was heading to Ikea and decided to walk into K-Mart, into the toy department to see if they had any toys that have a microphone and a speaker. I came across this wonderful little piece for $7:

wpid-20150827_150744-1.jpg wpid-20150827_151302-1.jpg

It is tiny, but more importantly, without all the plastic crap its even tinier AND it runs on 4.5v. Its absolutely perfect as an audio input device for an Arduino! Hook up the headphone directly into one of the Analog in pins and “bobs your uncle”!

Now for Ikea:

wpid-20150827_150233-1.jpg wpid-20150827_150328-1.jpg

Talk about perfect! $8.99 each. This is definitely going to Burning Seed. I’m going to coat the inside with LEDs and maybe hook 2 up together. They would make an awesome floor show.

The Orbitron

The main part of the Orb is complete. I have gently sealed in all the glass prisms and stretched Cotton/Lycra over the top part of the sphere:

wpid-20150826_215818-1.jpg wpid-20150826_215828-1.jpg

I was able to crunch the code down to the Nano module. I’m left with just over 400 Bytes free. Here are 2 short demo patterns:


I still need to cut out a section of the sphere to store the Arduino Nano and then cut out a mounting hole for a staff.

Production Update – LED Orb

I Still don’t have a good name for this piece, however it is coming along nicely. I was able to get all the inside LEDs into the sphere and wire everything up:

wpid-20150826_001018-1.jpgI will shortly begin adding the outer LEDs. I ended up scrapping the center strip as it made the entire bitmap too large for the Arduino Nano to drive.

wpid-20150826_001007.jpgHere is a nice preview of the orb with the glass jewels placed on top, but not yet secured