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Parts for a new project

Thank you Ikea and K-Mart! I was heading to Ikea and decided to walk into K-Mart, into the toy department to see if they had any toys that have a microphone and a speaker. I came across this wonderful little piece for $7:

wpid-20150827_150744-1.jpg wpid-20150827_151302-1.jpg

It is tiny, but more importantly, without all the plastic crap its even tinier AND it runs on 4.5v. Its absolutely perfect as an audio input device for an Arduino! Hook up the headphone directly into one of the Analog in pins and “bobs your uncle”!

Now for Ikea:

wpid-20150827_150233-1.jpg wpid-20150827_150328-1.jpg

Talk about perfect! $8.99 each. This is definitely going to Burning Seed. I’m going to coat the inside with LEDs and maybe hook 2 up together. They would make an awesome floor show.

The Orbitron

The main part of the Orb is complete. I have gently sealed in all the glass prisms and stretched Cotton/Lycra over the top part of the sphere:

wpid-20150826_215818-1.jpg wpid-20150826_215828-1.jpg

I was able to crunch the code down to the Nano module. I’m left with just over 400 Bytes free. Here are 2 short demo patterns:


I still need to cut out a section of the sphere to store the Arduino Nano and then cut out a mounting hole for a staff.

Production Update – LED Orb

I Still don’t have a good name for this piece, however it is coming along nicely. I was able to get all the inside LEDs into the sphere and wire everything up:

wpid-20150826_001018-1.jpgI will shortly begin adding the outer LEDs. I ended up scrapping the center strip as it made the entire bitmap too large for the Arduino Nano to drive.

wpid-20150826_001007.jpgHere is a nice preview of the orb with the glass jewels placed on top, but not yet secured

Staff Head Piece

wpid-20150824_230645-1.jpgNo its not the death star, and its not some secret weapon…It is a headpiece for a walking staff! The top part will have a huge glass jewel with a group of 8 x 2 LED Pixels inside. Each side hole has a smaller glass jewel followed by 2 x LED pixels inside. I need to make sure the globe will run using an Arduino Nano as i want everything to fit inside the sphere. My main issue is the pissy 2k of SRAM that I’m stuck with inside the Nano. I have devices some code that severely reduces the memory needed to run my rendering engine. Mainly by encoding the RGB color of each pixel in video ram into a single byte index. However this limits the color spectrum and brightness of the LEDs… So I may have to either reduce the bitmap RAM by removing the bottom LED strip…or use an Arduino Mega…

Also big thanks to Instagram user alexei___ for posting this pic from the Kamp Kraken fundraiser over the weekend

Just a regular… #wowsuit

A video posted by @alexei___ on

New Projects for this week

Had a blast at the Kamp Kraken fundraiser this weekend the latets version of the LED Mask worked all night long, with the new battery module. The battery indicator was at empty after about 7 hours power, but was still powered on..


On another note i have started working on a new project for another Burning Seed accessory.

wpid-20150823_162941.jpg wpid-20150823_232027.jpg
Some bits and pieces for the staff piece. I’m trying to use the glass jewels as refraction devices for the LED Strips Testing out some of the LED devices inside the styro ball to see what kind of refraction pattern i can get

I put together a small demo using 8 x 2 LED pixels. Each block of 2 is connected to a side of the large glass jewel:


I also found a new design for the next version of the LED Mask. After allot of punters claimed they were spooked by its “Jason” like appearance:


The Electron Hat – AKA the Jellyfish Hat


This one is for a mates Burning Seed outfit. Nothing like a one of a kind to wow the crowd. I’m using paper strips to test out different layouts and to see what can be done on the outskirts if the hat and the top.

20150816_200037-1I had some issues with these new LED strips, one of the strips had a dud LED which is always irritation, thankfully the process of cutting and connecting each strip., is 100 time faster with this model strip.

20150816_210600-1Above is the semi completed product running a test program to check each LED.  I’m awaiting delivery of a bunch more Arduino Mega Modules, one of which is going into this hat. For now I’m using a Due to test the strips.

Big thanks to Tals for the Jellyfish name! Love it