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Debounced switches


I have been working on some physical interaction methods with my animations. This is the final version of the pushbutton board for a new project. It has 6 pushbuttons permenently connected to Gnd, the outputs default to Gnd and are fed back to the microcontroller. When a button is pushed, 5v is fed to the output, bur doesnt short out the feed. I use a diode and resistor in series in each button to achieve this. 0 bounce when the button ia pushed combined with a digital read method that does a quick sweep of all inputs

NodeMCU – A super cheap and lightweight IOT device

Dear Intel, Thank you for wasting my time with your rubbish IOT devices. I can surely say that i wont touch the Galileo’s or the Edison again..or at least until they fix the software that cripples the Edison.

In comes the Node MCU which is a dev board for the ESP8266 Wifi Module.


For $15 AUD you get a 180Mhz device that has SPI, a ton of memory and built in and WIFI that boots and connects in under 5 seconds. Not only that, you can upload Arduino code just the same as any Arduino on board  which makes porting existing projects super easy!

I have been playing around with these with thanks to my new friend Rob. I was quickly and easiely able to port my LED software onto these and make it net connected..


The Electron Hat – AKA the Jellyfish Hat


This one is for a mates Burning Seed outfit. Nothing like a one of a kind to wow the crowd. I’m using paper strips to test out different layouts and to see what can be done on the outskirts if the hat and the top.

20150816_200037-1I had some issues with these new LED strips, one of the strips had a dud LED which is always irritation, thankfully the process of cutting and connecting each strip., is 100 time faster with this model strip.

20150816_210600-1Above is the semi completed product running a test program to check each LED.  I’m awaiting delivery of a bunch more Arduino Mega Modules, one of which is going into this hat. For now I’m using a Due to test the strips.

Big thanks to Tals for the Jellyfish name! Love it



LED Headpiece for the BBB Event and the Glow Festival

I was planning on a Tron inspired head piece:


Mine is hand made, from PVA and newspaper an is obviously not as neat, but this is just the base of the piece.


I wanted something new for Glow Festival in Windsor. The GSPF team have some projections on Greville Street Prahran…

The layout is done, although I may try 2 different address mappings to see which looks the best. The current wiring layout is like so:


I’m still thinking weather to make the front and back rows line up or to keep the centre of the helmet lined up. Wither way it will look great. I’m using a Mega for this piece as ill need 4k base ram just for the Address layout and the bitmap video ram driver I have developed.