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Lets cover a car in LEDs & GSPF 2016

A friend asked me a while back…

“what would it take to cover an entire car in these LED pixels?”

He even went so far as to give me a die cast model of a Ford Mustang GT to play with


So I did

Now this is just a prototype for a large scale version. Covering a life sized car with LED pixels would be an epic effort I would love to undertake, but it would require some hefty funding. Not to mention someone donating a car to me… The car above used WS2812b pixels. I had a bunch of them lying around from another prototype that I had dismantled. No sense in binning these pixels if they can be reused.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is happening again!!! This year, I have decided to enter. Not with a car covered in LEDs, however. But with the new WOW Suit! Id love to put it on a mannequin and have it displayed inside a shop window. I have some ideas for new animation sequences that would cater well for a shop front

LED Headpiece for the BBB Event and the Glow Festival

I was planning on a Tron inspired head piece:


Mine is hand made, from PVA and newspaper an is obviously not as neat, but this is just the base of the piece.


I wanted something new for Glow Festival in Windsor. The GSPF team have some projections on Greville Street Prahran…

The layout is done, although I may try 2 different address mappings to see which looks the best. The current wiring layout is like so:


I’m still thinking weather to make the front and back rows line up or to keep the centre of the helmet lined up. Wither way it will look great. I’m using a Mega for this piece as ill need 4k base ram just for the Address layout and the bitmap video ram driver I have developed.