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Basic Orientation system – ready!


The basic orientation input system for the CheapVR system is pretty much ready. Im using a combination of UDP and web-socket. Originally, I had the local server running a simple UDP server that received the orientation data from the phone, and then re-transmit it via HTTP POST queries from the browser. However this method had allot of latency.

Currently the Browser connects via a web-socket to the server and continually polls it for orientation data.

Cheap & fast VR

I have started working on a small VR web-app. I think 3D headsets will only get better and better as tech progresses and people start to get into it. I have owned the 1st gen Sony HMD unit HMZ-T1


This thing is great, but it lacks any kind of tracking like the Oculus Rift and the new Google Cardboard(which really got me thinking about this whole thing again). I have in the past used old Android phones to get tracking data. There is  a great little app called Sensor UDP it lets you send UDP messages to a pc/tablet/phone etc.. with the sensor data from any android phone! This has been done before, Im working on a different angle!


A phone will be stuck to the HMD unit and track your head movements. It will then send this data via WIFI to the PC connected to the HMD via HDMI. I can then make really cool 3D web apps in Chrome or any HTML5 enabled browser.