Project ideas

This could be an interesting wearable?


Experimenting with cheap Power Banks

I recently tried this product:


its an SBEC you can get details here 

I wanted to get 5V with high current out of simple 10-20Ah power banks like these

For this test I have 4 power banks. Each one has 5 x 18650 LION batteries in parallel, I opened up each one and soldered a cable onto the GND and +V Rails that run to the batteries:20160515_142749

I then sealed them back up and added JST plugs onto each battery. Thi sway they can be removed and recharged individually using their own charging cables:


I then Connected 2 modules in series and connected 2 of these in parallel via a switch to the SBEC:


For the moment i have not had anything taking out more than 6A from the SBEC. Ill perform more tests as I test more LEDs at the same time!




New tiny parts

In the never ending quest to find a Voltage level shifter, to drive addressable LEDs, I found myself looking at these . These ICs can do 3.3V to 5V translation for 2 pins at a whooping 420Mbit and they cost $80c (USD) . So I ordered 5 from TI….


Yep… that’s damn small. Not sure how I’m going to use those… I have no Surface Mount skills or equipment..Should have read the damn data sheet properly. Anyway, I’m glad there are 5, I will try my damn best to solder those pins to some larger pins and if i break any ill have a few extra to play with. If they work, ill be able to eliminate the Driver Pixel that i use in most of my application, most importantly ill be able to properly test higher data rates for the APA102 and the SK9822 pixel.

Next on the list are these $4 single cell Power Banks:


These use a single 18650 to produce 5V at a maximum of 1A… With one more nice feature. They don’t have a power button. They activate simply when a load is detected. I’m using this as a test bed, and in a very non recommended way, I’m sure. I have the Output ports of all 4 into 1 Female USB port and was successfully able to power one of my latest creations:


Lots of hexagons

I have been hard at work on this new piece, for which i have not yet come up with a name..

It is constructed with 20 Hexagonal pieces. Each laser cut out of clear perspex. Behind each is a grid of APA102 LEDs all controlled by an ESP8266

Debounced switches


I have been working on some physical interaction methods with my animations. This is the final version of the pushbutton board for a new project. It has 6 pushbuttons permenently connected to Gnd, the outputs default to Gnd and are fed back to the microcontroller. When a button is pushed, 5v is fed to the output, bur doesnt short out the feed. I use a diode and resistor in series in each button to achieve this. 0 bounce when the button ia pushed combined with a digital read method that does a quick sweep of all inputs

Lets cover a car in LEDs & GSPF 2016

A friend asked me a while back…

“what would it take to cover an entire car in these LED pixels?”

He even went so far as to give me a die cast model of a Ford Mustang GT to play with


So I did

Now this is just a prototype for a large scale version. Covering a life sized car with LED pixels would be an epic effort I would love to undertake, but it would require some hefty funding. Not to mention someone donating a car to me… The car above used WS2812b pixels. I had a bunch of them lying around from another prototype that I had dismantled. No sense in binning these pixels if they can be reused.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is happening again!!! This year, I have decided to enter. Not with a car covered in LEDs, however. But with the new WOW Suit! Id love to put it on a mannequin and have it displayed inside a shop window. I have some ideas for new animation sequences that would cater well for a shop front

White Night 2016 – The Wow Suit

White Night 2016 in Melbourne may not have been as huge as in previous years, but I sure had a blast. I walked around the Melbourne CBD and surrounds for about 7 hours and got my photo taken by A LOT of people! Everyone I ran into seemed to enjoy themselves and really liked the Wow Suit. Here are a few pics from the evening

I had a friend shoot some really good video of the suit, but until I get my hands on it, here is some from my Instagram:

Notice how the Official White Night Instagram account tells me to apply for an art grant next year, even though they sent me a Generic “NO THANKYOU” when I applied for this years event.

One more:

The Wow Suit @whitenightmelb !! #whitenightmelb2016 #whitenight #whitenightmelbourne #whitenightmelb

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A POV Project and some updates

Working on a Persistence of Vision project for a friend.


1st results looked promising so I went full steam ahead: